Why does it cost so much to fix my car?

Why does it cost so much to fix my car? In short, I don’t really know. I do know how to arrive at the final price, it is a reflection of cost with required markups. The cost of doing business goes up every year, and the prices charged reflect that increase. If we go back

Tires for All-Wheel drive vehicle, Beware!

Beware when buying tires for All-wheel drive vehicle. What you should know. Recently we had a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica come into our shop for service. Two of the tires were worn beyond the safe point to drive, which is 2/32nds of an inch in tread depth (New is 10-12/32nds). The other two tires were measured

Right To Repair – Playing Nice, Why it’s Important

As an independent auto repairer, we face many challenges every day. Most of which we can control, except when it comes to interacting with the OEM’s (Auto manufacturers). We are constantly trying to deal with the latest obstacle that gets in the way for us to be able to do our jobs effectivly and efficiently.

Brakes, why they squeak in the Spring

Why Brakes squeak in the Spring. It’s my favorite time of year. Going outside without your jacket and boots on, putting away the snow shovels, dusting off your Red Sox hat, and going for your first drive of the season with the windows down, Finally! Then you hear it, a noise. More precisely a squeaking

My Dealer In Burlington Closed: What Do I Do?

New car dealership closings are all over the Burlington news. Nearly 800 Chrysler dealerships canceled. About 1,100 GM dealers’ contracts were not be renewed after October 2010. And record numbers are just shutting down because they aren’t selling enough cars and trucks to stay in business. It’s estimated that some 40,000 dealership service bays could