Catalytic Converter Theives, know before you cut!!!

Did you know that a used Aftermarket catalytic converter (or cat) is only worth 5% of the value of a used Factory (OEM) converter. So before you go though all the trouble of illegally cutting off that converter in the middle of the night, check to make sure you are steeling the real deal.

I would hate to see you get ripped off when you turn in the metal to the recyclers.

You may ask why is the aftermarket converter only worth 5 cents on the dollar compared to factory cats. Its all about the precious metals inside. There are three types, Rhodium, Platnium, and Palladium. The auto recyclers are able to extract these metals and reuse them. The more metal inside, the more value the cat has.

These metals are used to change the gas properties from an internal combustion engine into less harmful gases. The more precious metal the converter has, the better it performs. And by the way, the next time you are getting “cash for cats”, keep in mind you have the state of California to thank for this. They are the ones that came out with the C.A.R.B. act. Without this, we would all be motoring along, poluting the air with straight pipes, instead of cats. So keep them on the Christmas card list, maybe they will come out with more expensive stuff to steal.

Hope this helps

Written by Developer Autoshop