Why does it cost so much to fix my car?

Why does it cost so much to fix my car? In short, I don’t really know. I do know how to arrive at the final price, it is a reflection of cost with required markups.

The cost of doing business goes up every year, and the prices charged reflect that increase. If we go back to the old days, I remember gas when it was .89 cents a gallon, we have seen this hover around $4.00 recently. Another example is my parents bought a house in Billerica for $30,000 in 1971, now it’s value is $350,000.

So why is there so much difference in price between gas stations, auto service shops, and car dealerships? It all goes back to cost.

  • What is the rent and property taxes for the location of the business?

  • What kind of equipment do they own to fix your car? An example of this is buying a code reader for $50.00 or buying the Factory scan tool for $10,000, this tool helps diagnose the “Check engine light”.

  • What kind of Technicians do they employ? Inexpensive rookies or experienced veterans?

  • What services do they provide? Loaner cars, service reminder post cards, extended hours of operation, and being opened on the weekends are just a few examples that not every shop provides.

  • What kind of parts do they use, Factory or Aftermarket? While factory parts are not always necessary, a lot of the times there is a quality difference. Most of the time it really does mean “You get what you pay for”

The expense of owning and driving an automobile does not fall into the fun category. It’s not fun to have to pay for a leaking radiator, or having to put new tires on your car. If you are to keep driving safely it is required. Believe me, I don’t even like fixing my personal vehicle. I’d rather take my kids skiing.

Please remember when someone is giving you a price, they are using their cost for parts, labor, and overhead. If you do not agree or like their price, remember you are just asking for information. As a service provider I recognize that part of my job is to provide you with this information. What you do with this information is up to you. If you do not agree with this information, please be civil. We are not here because we are trying to rip you off, we only want to provide you with service, and the price given reflects our cost. So when you compare price please try to remember this. If the price at another shop sounds too good to be true, well…

Thanks for reading

Brian Hohmann, Owner of Accurate Automotive

Written by Developer Autoshop