Google – Can I fix my car with Google alone?

Everybody googles, a LOT. I have read statistics that indicate around 3 billion times a DAY. You may ask how do I know this, simple, I googled it.

The information can be very helpful. I Google even when fixing cars. The information I read about is helpful. Here is where I recommend using caution. If you google a problem (Keyword) that your car is having, the answer you get does not mean their solution is going to fix YOUR car. It can be a good place to start, a lot of the time more information is required to identify the source of the problem.

For instance, I have customers who will have the local auto parts store read/scan their car because the check engine light was on. Sometimes the code retrieved was correctly read, sometimes it wasn’t (Cheap scan tool was used). Then they go home or use their smart phone to google the code, whatever Google comes back with, is what they want to fix. They may purchase this part, either at a parts store or the dealership. Next they call around to see who will install this part. Some even want a guarantee that this part is going to fix their problem, even though the installing shop did not diagnose the problem.

This example is like going on, identifying the symptoms, then going to the Doctor to operate on what you tell him to operate on, or prescribe what you tell them to prescribe. Most of the time when I read WebMD, I find that I have LOTS of symptoms for LOTS of different diseases. I should be dead by now according to WebMD. How can they be wrong, it’s on the internet?


Google may give you the information required to properly diagnose the concern. Somebody still has to interpret the information or prove your cars symptoms. Then make a recommendation based on the results. Thats were I come in. I am a trained technician with equipment, technical resources, and experience that beats google every day of the week when it comes to diagnosing and fixing my customers vehicles. So although Google does have it’s place, you still can’t beat hands on.

Brian Hohmann, Owner of Accurate Automotive

Written by Developer Autoshop