New Car Websites

If it’s time to replace your car instead of repairing it, below are some links.

I know what you’re thinking, I hate car shopping too. But there are some good parts about it.

  • Popcorn and balloons. All the dealers offer this when you arrive
  • Everyone there is sooo happy to see you (I like the attention)
  • Some times you get to play, “Where did they Hide MY Car” when you decide not to purchase at that dealership
  • If you don’t purchase on your first visit and leave contact information, suddenly your phone seems to ring a LOT more and your email reminder “You’ve Got Mail” won’t shut up. (Again, I like the attention.)

Seriously, the new vehicles manufactured today are safer, more reliable, more fuel efficient, and have some nice amenities.

Good luck!

Written by Brain Hohmann