Extended Warranties- The good and the bad

It’s nice to be able to get a fixed monthly cost to own and drive your car. When you purchase that new vehicle and go into the finance office to determine how your going to afford that monthly payment, they always try and add in that extended warranty option. Now if the warranty covered everything

Catalytic Converter Theives, know before you cut!!!

Did you know that a used Aftermarket catalytic converter (or cat) is only worth 5% of the value of a used Factory (OEM) converter. So before you go though all the trouble of illegally cutting off that converter in the middle of the night, check to make sure you are steeling the real deal. I

Low Tire Light on Again, Why?

Low Tire Light on AGAIN, why? It may only be 3-4 psi low, but thats all it take somtimes. It’s good to know your tire pressures, especially if you have a 8-08 or newer vehicle because these have Direct TPMS. What’s TPMS? Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Each wheel has a sensor that is able to

Auto Repair in Burlington – Times are Changing

Every year the choices for getting your vehicle serviced by qualified technicians is shrinking. In 1987 the number of Auto Repair facilities in the town of Burlington was 21 shops with 166 service bays. Today, there is only one new facility in Burlington, Herb Chambers Audi/Porsche. The remaining facilities total 11 with about 113 service

Google – Can I fix my car with Google alone?

Everybody googles, a LOT. I have read statistics that indicate around 3 billion times a DAY. You may ask how do I know this, simple, I googled it. The information can be very helpful. I Google even when fixing cars. The information I read about is helpful. Here is where I recommend using caution. If